Latest Tips and Tricks to Unlock Verizon Phone or Tablet for free-Easy Unlocks

About Verizon

Verizon generally locks for the 60 days of time period after our successful purchase of the Verizon mobile or a Verizon tablet. After the completion of successful 60 days, it would automatically unblock the device. so these are the policies and terms of the Verizon about the mobiles and tablets of there company. the respective phone in a box would have separate requirements to unlock a mobile.

Whenever you got a Verizon phone, And you are thinking that how can you able to unlock the phone, and use it on the other network. Usually, it is an important process, At when you are going to an area where the Verizon signal is not as strong or when you are headed to abroad and you want to use your local carrier which is not going to break the bank.

At the time when you want to unlock your Verizon phone then you need to follow these two simple steps to unlock the Verizon phone.

  • Firstly you need to determine what type of Verizon phone you are going to unlock.
  • Then you need to enter the correct code just to unlock your Verizon phone like 000000 or 123456.

Many of the Verizon 4G LTE phones are on post-pay plans, and also these phones come unlocked by the default. If in the case when your phone is from a Verizon prepaid plan or iPhone 3G world device. So that you have to unlock your new phone.

1. First You Need To Describe What Type Of Phone You Are Going To Unlock:

Generally, they are two reasons why your Verizon might be locked.

  • Firstly you need to have a prepaid device that doesn’t activate on the network.
  • At the time when you have an iPhone 3G world device.

Both types of Verizon phones are very easy to unlock, the only thing that you need is just the right code.

Whenever you don’t fall into one of these two categories, And still you facing any problem, Then you need to contact the Verizon customer support to unlock your phone.

You can able to reach the Verizon customer support with 1-888-294-6804 or you can also able to call *611 on your cell phone.

2. You Need To Enter The Correct Code:

To Unlock Your Prepaid Verizon Phone:

The reason behind your locked Verizon phone is just because it is not activated on the network. Many of the prepaid phones are locked to their original carriers for 12 months. If in case the time has passed and you need to make your first payment, In that case, your phone will be ready to unlock.

When you insert a sim card on your phone, Then you will be prompted to enter the code. They are only two codes, which you need to enter to unlock your Verizon phone.

  • 000000
  • 123456

If in the case when you face any problem then you need to call the Verizon customer support *611. So that you can get direct help to unlock your Verizon phone.

To Unlock Your iPhone Global- Ready 3G Verizon Phone:

It is very simple to fix, The thing you need to do is just enter any of these codes to unlock your Verizon phone.

  • 000000
  • 123456

At when you find that these codes are not working, Then you need to contact the Verizon customer support So that they can able to help you directly. You can able to contact via the numbers which we have provided in this article.

Unlocking Policies Of The Device:

Whenever to mitigate theft and also other fraudulent activity, And also newly purchased devices are locked to work more effectively on the Verizon network. So that you need to separate the device unlocking policies which are used to cover both the postpay and also the prepaid devices. Usually special rules for the deployed military personnel.

The unlocking device will refer to the disabling software which will prevent a consumer from attempting to activate the designed for on carriers network on other carriers network. Because of the different technologies and an unlocked Verizon wireless device will not work and also may experience limited functionality on other carrier’s network.

Postpay Device Unlocking Policy:

Whenever you purchase the device from the Verizon will be locked for 60 days after purchase. And also the devices which you purchase from the retail partners are also locked for 60 days after the activation, When these 60 days completes automatically lock will be removed. According to the 60 day lock period, we will not lock our phones at any time.

Unlocking Policy Of The Prepaid Device:

The devices which you have purchased from the Verizon and these certain devices purchased from our retail partners are used to be locked for 60 days after the activation, After completion of the 60 days, we will remove the lock automatically. Basing on the 60 day lock period following device purchase we are unable to lock our phones at any time.

At the when you purchase a 4G Phone-in-a-Box from our retail partners, Then you need to review back of the box just to determine the lock period applicable to certain device.

Unlocking Policy For The Deployed Military Personnel:

When you are recognized as a Verizon Wireless Customer in the Military and then you are going to receive the relocation orders of the Verizon coverage area, So that we are going to unlock your device according to your request, And also at during the 60-day-lock period According to the purchase of your device.

The Things Which Are Required:

  • Account-holders’ names and also account numbers.
  • The most important thing is the IMEI number of your device.
  • And also your phone number.
  • Account holder’s social security number or the password.
  • A total contract and/or device payment plan.
  • You need to have Overseas development papers when you are in the military and you need to unlock your phone before your contract is up.

Final Verdict:

Verizon is mostly known as one of the more Lenient carriers at the time when it comes to the unlocking device. And also we noticed that all of their 4G LTE have been unlocked, Then you need to make sure that, when you are trying to use the phone on a GSM carrier, So that the Verizon phone which is required GSM radios. Many of the latest devices will be good at this So that you need to run into the trouble and also including some of other phones.

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