10 Best Topmost No exam Life Insurance Companies which are trusted.

Nowadays finding a trusted life insurance company is one of the hard tasks in your routine life. Because they are hundreds of fake companies in the market.

Finding the best life insurance company is the most important thing in your present situation. and it is also very hard for you to find where to start.

So to help you in this situation, by doing a lot of research I found 10 best-trusted life insurance companies. In this article, I’m going to explain to you each and every company clearly.

When I start research I consider 200 companies in those 200 companies I found these 10 as the best companies.

1.Heaven Life:

Mass Mutual is one of the most reputable life insurance companies nowadays. Mass Mutual has been around 160 years and is one of the envied that holds a superior financial rating from AM best. Am rating is only from most companies with the strongest finances.

So mass mutual has been introduced heaven life to reach different types of modern consumer needs. It insurance leverages modern technology to bring consumers competitive pricing. Mass mutual finance strength is helped to create a superior buying experience.

If you are unable to go to the company to register. there no need to invite an agent to your home, you can easily buy life insurance online. When you are good at your health you can also able to skip the medical exam.

AM Best: A++

Moody’s: Aa2

Standard and poor’s: AA+

Fitch: AA+

2. AIG:

It is operating in 1919. and it is also known as one of the largest life insurance company until today.

It is located in New York City and it is also available at 84 different companies. Because of its financial strength and competitive pricing they can earn them the third spot.

AM Best: A

Moody’s: A2

Standard and poor’s: A+

Fitch: A+


Prudential is established in 1875. It is also known as one of the top-rated insurers in the US. Nearly they have 4 trillion of active life insurance in force.

Prudential not only offers insurance also offers critical illness, accident and disability insurance.

It also operates many financial markets in the US and continues to maintain a high financial standing. It is one of the largest companies in the which exists in 40 countries with over 50,000 employees.

AM Best: A+

Moody’s: A1

Standard and Poors: AA-

Fitch: A+

4.Banner Life :

It is the London based legal and general which is been since 1836. Their subsidiary LGA America became started operating in 1949. Slowly it grew as one of the best life insurance companies in America.

Banner always tries to win the new customers with an unbeatable price of on term insurance.

LGA America is also known as banner, which holds one of the highest financial ratings possible. They are well equipped to meet their financial obligations.

AM Best: A++

Standard and poor’s: AA-

Fitch: AA-


It is started in 1919, which founded in cedar Rapid, Lowa and it is specialized in insurance and investing. Trans-America is a household name. It is mostly known for its wide array of life insurance and retirement product.

It also offers all consumers to find a competitive rate on a policy that meets their needs.

AM Best: A+

Moody’s: A1

Standards and poor’s: A-

Fitch: A+

6. American National Life Insurance Company:

You always look for the company which is going to provide you and your family with the best no exam life insurance coverage possible.

It also consists of AM best company rating of A. It is attractive particularly because of its wide range of no medical life insurance options.

Term Life Insurance freedom:

  • Term life insurance with no exam for 10,20 or 30 years.
  • Face amount up to $250,000.
  • Approval in less than 15 minutes.

Value Guard Whole Life Insurance:

  • This is whole life insurance but not a medical policy.
  • Face amounts up to $250,000.
  • Approval in less than 15 minutes.

Legacy Whole Life Insurance:

  • It consists of a fixed premium and fixed death benefit.
  • It is available for ages 50-80.
  • You can have coverage in just 5 minutes.
  • And also 2 years of graded benefit.

7.Phoenix Life :

Because of its living benefits, self harbor term life is unique in the no medical exam market. It offers without a medical policy for life insurances for ages 18-80.

Term length: 10,15,20 and 30 which is based on age

Face amounts: A+

Mistakes When Buying a No Medical Life Insurance:

  • Mostly you will assume that you will have only one or two various no medical exam life insurance policy options when your application process.
  • At the time when you are overpaying for a very small life insurance coverage.
  • And also when you purchase a policy which will have gradually more expensive as your age.
  • Most importantly at the time when you buy an insurance policy that will cover only accidental causes of death, and also excludes the natural causes of death from health issues like heart attack, strokes, and cancer.

Different Types Of The No Medical Life Insurance Coverage:

  • Simplified Issue
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Graded Death Benifit
  • Final Expense Insurance

Final Conclusion:

Finally, At the time when you are looking to purchase the No exam life insurance policy, In that case, you can able to choose any one of these companies because in this article we have provided you the top companies by doing a lot of research we confirmed that these companies are the top most no exam life insurance companies which are also available to the each and every type of the people.

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