Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies that serve genuine Services.

What is Home Warranty:

A home warranty is an optional service plan that generally covers home appliances and all the property of home-like electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling and also some of the kitchen appliances like refrigerator air-cooler many more so, in general, we can also call it as a full home warranty.

A home warranty is much more worthy that is generally applicable for the whole household products which would help to recover and replacement of the product at a certain period of time so the warranty which is applicable to home and also the products of the home is known as the home warranty.

Choose The best home warranty so that the would cover over what your homeowner’s insurance available at an overview which has the excellent transparent policies as well as good customer service which have been available at the overview and allows for customization according to your plan.

Find the best home warranty service providers which are available and we have mentioned some of the best home warranty providers which are providing some valuable services that are commonly every one should follow as they are providing some valuable high-quality services

Difference between Home Warranty and Home Insurance:

Home Insurance: Home Insurance is nothing but the insurance companies generally pays the insurance claimable amount to the house owners if they were any damage taken place. For example, if a person generally pays insurance to there house in any particular insurance company if their house may get any damage the house owner can climes the insurance from the particular companies so they get the insurance amount.

Home Warranty: Homeowners warranties are designed to protect your home’s appliances such as appliances like kitchen products like refrigerators and all the home-based products and more like systems from breakdowns caused by normal wear we can get warranties as home-based warranties or home warranty.

Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies that serve genuine Services:

  • First American Home Warranty Corp
  • Total Protect Home Warranty
  • Total Home Protection
  • Select Home Warranty
  • Home Warranty Of America
  • Landmark Home Warranty
  • AFC Home Club
  • Complete Protection home warranty
  • Landmark Home Warranty
  • American Home Shield

Above mentioned all Home Warranty companies are certified tested and Recognised by the government. we have checked and enquired about all the companies and their policies plans after checking and enquiring about all the companies we have selected only Top 10 companies. So when you are taking Home Warranty from any of mentioned above companies you don’t worry about your Home Warranty. Those companies are the top 10 best home warranty companies.

Is it worth having a home warranty

Yes, it is absolutely worth having a home warranty because when any damages occurred in your homes like electric shock circuit or some any internal damages to your home or to the things in your you won’t able to bear the loss. almost everyone wants all the comforts in the home so without compromising anywhere they buy all the things in the home and they buy expensive things to look home good.

Everyone is investing a lot of money in the home. because home is a happiness to the common people they treat their home like a temple. When any unexpected damages happened in the home they can’t bear the loss of it. In these certain cases, the Home Warranty will help a lot them to repair their home and to repair all the thing in their home. The home warranty companies will pay the money to you when you have met with any home damages. The home warranty companies will take responsibility for your’s home and the Home warranty company will do everything repairs of your home.

So we can say that it is worthy top having a Home warranty to your home.

What is the average cost of a home warranty?

The average cost of a home warranty is based on the plans. It costs approximately $300-$700 per year and some companies may charge additional charges like service charges and some extra charges. The additional charges may be $50-$300 per year.

It completely depends on the Home Warranty Companies and their plans. Based on the companies and based on the plans The cost will be charged from you to the Home Warranty. Some companies will charge less amount and some companies will charge more amount from you for your Home Warranty.

How do I claim my home warranty?

If you want to claim the home warranty you need to consult your warranty provider at first and you should obey their terms and conductions and especially the warranty should be claimed according to the conditions of policies the given below steps generally helps you out.

  • Verify your coverage. Whenever the products or your home appliances fallen out or broken firstly check out their warranty available or not these the first thing we need to be active or sharp by checking the availability of a warranty to the specified product.
  • Contact the warranty providers: Generally, if you are willing to claim the warranty for any specific home needs you should contact the warranty services providers who would you to like get a warranty from them so that they can review your status and needs of the eligibility.
  • Perform routine maintenance. This is one of the topmost factors were you should remember in your mind whenever if you feel to get warranty for any specific items to make sure that warranty is available for that certain product or not if the manufacturer has provided any specific guidelines you need to consider in your mind to get company based warranties from the manufactures.


If you are interested to get home based warranties you can get the best service providers which we have mentioned above you can simply get a warranty from them to our home appliances and many more simply we are suggesting to our visitors make sure that whenever you are contacting a services providers make sure that you have read and accepted them guidelines and their terms and conditions thankyou comment down if you found any fond any problem over here Thankyou!

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