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Who is a Child Life Specialist:

A Child Life Specialist is the one who works for children who are suffering from a wide variety of diseases. In generally we can simple known as the person who is working for the children who are suffering from many diseases and the one cures and provides to there diseases is known as a Child Life Specialist.

Child life specialists are also known as pediatric health care professionals who are working for children as well as families in the recognized hospitals and also in some other companies to help them out from coping with the challenges of several harmful diseases like hospitalization, illness, and also some disability problems.

Child Life Specialist Services:

Child Life Specialists generally work for the children who are facing medical diseases so the child Line Specialists generally cures there diseases by many several factors. Child Life Specialists serves many services to there child patents the give below are the main terms of services which are proving in there medical services.

Children Life Specialists generally cures the children diseases by medical practices and also they train the children mentally to get active and sharp by some medical practices as wells as by some other extra particular activities check out the best services which are providing by the Child Life Specialist.

  • Psychological preparation for tests, surgeries, and other medical procedures
  • Child Insurance Specialists Support the children during medical procedures to help out them by curing their diseases.
  • Therapeutic medical and recreational play
  • Sibling support available for free
  • Support for grief and bereavement
  • Emergency room interventions
  • Avails Hospital pre-admission tours
  • Available Outpatient consultation for the families to get medical practices.
  • Conducts special events to entertain their patients and their families to get out some relaxation.
  • Educate caregivers, administrators about the needs of children under stress.

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Generally, a child life specialist is a healthcare worker who is employed in the pediatric development of a hospital among various venues. Mostly they used to work with the children who are under the age of 18 years.

The major role of the child life specialist is most important with the pediatrics department in a hospital. And also the pediatricians will receive the best training just to work with the children, Moreover, they will often rely on child life specialist just to handle easing of the emotional trauma and also increasing the health-related education of the children and also their families.

Major Education Requirements For The Child Life Specialists:

Mostly any of the employers used to require child life specialists just to have the minimum of a bachelor degree. Few of the universities and also colleges will provide you the program in child life, In some cases, other acceptable majors include with child and also family studies, psychology, recreational therapy, child development and also early childhood education. And also mostly the undergraduate course work will focus on child psychology and also used to prepare the students for the clinical work, certification and also post-baccalaureate work. Most importantly internships and volunteer opportunities with including as part of the curriculum. Various classes which include.

  • Child and adolescent development.
  • Family psychology
  • Loss and grief
  • Human anatomy and psychology.

Mostly graduate program in a child life like a master of science in child life or a master of science in family and also child studies, which can further prepare an individual for a carer such as a child life specialist. Most of the studies include advanced coursework in a medical issue and also coping the strategies like a supervised internship. People who are with a graduate degree can able to find work as an researchers or also teachers.

Certification Requirement:

Generally, A child specialist must and should become certified in order to work. And also the certification will not be obtained till receiving a minimum bachelor’s degree, including completion of the internship and also taking the examination.

Most importantly the association of the child life professional administers the exam will be three times a year. Usually, the exam will be made of 150 various multiple-choice questions which will test the knowledge that you learned during the internships and also with the educational programs.

At the time when you passed in the exam, the individual shall be considered as a certified child life specialist upto 5 years which they needed to be recertified. Recertification can able to occur just by taking the exam again or receiving professional development units. Usually, these will be obtained through a supervised internship or by taking courses. This option is cheaper which retake the exam, But it takes long time complete.

Major Advantages Being An Child Life Specialist:

  • Personal Fulfilment.
  • Different types of job duties
  • Different types of job locations.
  • Being a team member
  • And also growing respect from the medical field.
  • Application of the learned skills.

Disadvantages Being An Child Life Specialist:

  • Emotional strain
  • Competitive field to enter
  • Misunderstanding of the job duties.

Income Of A Child Life Specialist Make A Year:

Generally, the salary of the child life specialist mostly depends on the location, education and also experience. Mostly the child life specialist will make between the $40,000 and $63,000 per year, with including the median falling at about $51,000. Usually, the child life specialist in California will repost the earnings mostly between $55,000 and $60,000 when they are in Ohio report earnings mostly between $55,000and $60,000 when those in Ohio repost earnings which are between $46,000 and 49,000

Mostly hour wages of the child life specialist reported may work on the contract in that case they are unable to earn the annual salary. Most importantly hour wages will vary between $20-$30 per hour, Mostly with higher wages earned wich are at more illustrious institutions.

Final Verdict:

Finally, child life specialist should require formal education should learn about the job duties, degree, and also the certification just to see if it is the right carrier for you. And most importantly the salary and income of the child life specialist will depend on degree, location as well as the experience.

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