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Generally, Artificial intelligence is known as computer science which uses the algorithms, heuristics, pattern matching, rules, deep learning and also cognitive computing to approximate conclusions without any direct human input, With an Artificial Intelligence researches can able to take on complex problems which will be completely difficult to the humans to solve. And also the Artifical Intelligence can able to identify meaningful relationships in raw data, which can be used to support diagnosing, predicting and treating the outcomes in most of the medical situations. Most importantly Artificial Intelligence has the potential which is used to apply in each and every field of medicine with including drug development, patient monitoring and also personalized patient treatment plans.

Usually, Artificial Intelligence is used to patterned immediately after the brain neural networks. Because it uses the multiple layers of a non-linear processing unit which are used to teach itself how to understand the data and also classifying the record or the making predictions. Most importantly Artificial intelligence can able to synthesize the electronic health record data and also the unstructured data which is used to make predictions on patient health. At the time when multiple manual reviews want to cumbersome then Artificial Intelligence software can able to read a rental image or the flag cases fo follow up quickly. The major benifit for the doctors from having more time and concise data is just make the patient decisions better.

Artificial Intelligence is used in medicine in different ways some of them are:

Annotator For The Clinical Data: More than 80 percent of the healthcare data will be unstructured, and also Artificial intelligence can able to read and understand the unstructured data. Artificial Intelligence can able to process the natural language and also allows it to read a clinical text from any source and identity, categorize and also the code of medical and social concepts.

Insights For The Patients Data: Artificial Intelligence can able to identify the issues which are contained in a patient’s historical medical records both in structured as well as unstructured text. And also it is used to summarize the history of their care towards their issues and can able to offer a cognitive summary of the patient records.

Patient Similarity: Generally Artifical Intelligence can able to identify the measure of a clinical similarity which is between the patients, And also it will allow the researchers just to create a dynamic patient cohort, Rather than the static patient cohorts, And also it can enable the understanding which is used to care path works better for a given group of the patients.

Medical Insights: By using the Artifical Intelligence technologies, and also researchers can able to find the information in an unstructured medical literature just to support the hypotheses which is used to help in the discovery of the new insights, And also Artifical Intelligence can able to identify the documents which are semantically related to any type of the combination of the medical concepts.

Human Versus Artifical Intelligence:

Mostly, Artificial intelligence can able to proving to be as reliable as human physicians in diagnosis. Moreover, the researchers at a hospital in Oxford, England, 8 times out of 10 Artifical Intelligence can more accurately diagnose the heart disease which human doctors could. Around the pond, at a Harvard University, Scientists have been developed an Artifical Intelligence assisted microscope which can able to detect the life-threatening infections in the blood including as much as 95 percent of the accuracy. However, In Japan, Artifical Intelligence have been used in an endoscopic computer with impressive sensitivity, specificity, and also accuracy in an detecting colon cancer.

Mostly for the clinicians, Artifical Intelligence will provide you the possibility of spending less time engaging with the devices and also technology. when more than half od a physician’s time is spent looking at a screen for that studies have documented. Artificial Intelligence can able to take on paperwork and also the documentation and provides physicians more time just to focus on face-to-face interactions with patients or can achieve a better work-life balance. The most important thing id to remember is that Artificial Intelligence is not competing with or can replacing the human physicians, But making their life easier and also practice of medicine is much more optimized.

Mental And Health And The Artifical Intelligence:

Skyler’s place of cogito which is an artificial intelligence analytics company in Boston uses voice recognition systems that are powered by the Artificial Intelligence just to offer the best customer services across the range of the industries. And also in the health sector, In that case they have developed an app that is used to track the behaviors of a patient with an mental health issues.

In that case, this app tracks passive signals like patient have not spoken to any person or not texted for a period, This app will not track whom the speaks to or what is said, It is just a text which was sent or the phone call made.

Mostly Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been analyzing the audio messages which were recorded by the patient and Moreover, these algorithms are designed just to detect the emotional cues and identify whenever the user may be depressed. These algorithms can able to analyze the voice od a bipolar patient and also detect the difference between a depressive phase and a manic. This app will also offer real-time data but information which clinician can able to use to track the patient over a period

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Final Verdict:

Finally, Artificial Intelligence very important in medicine in these latest days. And also artificial intelligence is nothing but a computer science that uses algorithms, pattern matching, heuristics, rules, deep learning and also cognitive computing to approximate conclusions without any direct human input. With this Artificial intelligence, researchers can able to take a complex problem which will be very difficult and impossible for humans to solve. Above in this article, we have given complete information about Artificial Intelligence in medicine.

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