American home shield home warranty Reviews and Guides for Customers

American home shield home warranty:

American Home Shield Generally provides home warranty services to their clients who are in need of home-based warranties. Generally, American Home Shield sells home based warranties also in some regular situations it works as the home-based insurance provider is nothing but home insurance repair provider as it acts as the home-based warranty services.

American Home shield works as an exchange and replaces for the repaired products as the company provides warranty for home needs and also known as home warranty service providers. A user should be applied for the American home shield warranty to get warranties to there products generally American Home Shield provides according to the policy which we have provided works for home appliances.

How much does American Home Shield warranty cost?

It is based on home size and home appliances in the home. if your home is there more than 5000 sq ft. The home warranty companies will charge more amount than normal houses. Because if any damages happened to home the loss will be also more and they will have to pay more money on your home so they also charge for warranty based on home also.

It approximately costs $25-$75 per home. it is based on the size of the home and age of the home and based on the Home warranty companies. because every home warranty companies are following different strategies. so when you are taking from a new warranty company first ask them about their policies charges plans and get clarity on the home warranty companies.

When you are buying the new home warranty to your home also check the customer reviews. better ask your neighbors colleagues and friends because some of the members have home warranty their homes so they will tell you the best about the home warranty companies. definitely taking reviews from your friends and neighbors also will help you to choose the best.

What appliances does American Home Shield Cover?

The American home warranty company will cover all the major appliances in the home. They cover refrigerator central air conditioner water heaters washing machine and all the electric goods. When any damage happened to any items in the home you may have to spend more money on it to repair the electronic items like refrigerator washing machine air conditioner etc.,

When any damages happened to your products in your home just inform to your home warranty company they will fix an appointment to you. at the time of appointment they will come along with the serviceman and they will check the issue and they will repair the products. so you don’t need to worry about anything when any damages happen in your home just inform the Home warranty company they will come to your place and they will fix the issue.

Are home warranty plans worth it?

Averagely a Home Warranty costs $250-$700 with basic plans including all services. We can say that Home warranty is really worthy to the common people because regularly something damages in our home and some item gets to repair every time we can repair all because its very expensive and outside the service providers are also demanding high money to repair the products. if we really have a Home warranty the complete care will be taken by the Home warranty companies.

It is really worthy to have a Home Warranty to your home. every time we can’t spend money in the name of repair because most of the common people divide their salary based on their budget wise. if they have to spend more money on anywhere their complete budget plan will get disturbed. so if you have a Home Warranty to your Home you don’t need to spend money when any damage or repairs are there in your home.

Does American Home Shield cover plumbing?

Yes, you don’t need to worry about it. it also covers plumbing in your Home Warranty. Almost for every problem, the home warranty has a solution for it.

How much does it cost to renew a home warranty?

It will cost you around $300-$700 to renew a home warranty. and they charge some additional services from you. when you call for a repair every time they charge around $30-$70 from you.

What is a trade service call fee?

When the Home warranty company provides a service to you and when they repair or replace the components of the products they definitely charge some amount in the name of trade service call fee. so when you call your Home warranty company to the service you keep separately some money to pay them.

Why Home Warranty needed

When any accidents and any damages happen at home we have to face a huge loss. almost every person buy the expensive things in their home to look their home beautiful they don’t compromise in anywhere to look beautiful. if any damage happens suddenly we can’t spend that much money to repair those products and home. some people are financially very poor. if you face any problems like that if you have a Home warranty the home warranty company will come to your home it will repair everything if needed it will replace the products also the complete care will be taken by the home warranty company. you don’t need to worry about anything if you have a home warranty.

So if you have a home warranty you can relax if any damages to your home when any shock circuit or any accidents happen you don’t need to worry the complete responsibility will be taken by the Home warranty company only.


We have enquired studied and taken reviews from the Home warranty agents and from the customers and written the above information in our knowledge so you don’t need to worry about any above information. in further if you have any doughts and clarifications please comment below in comment section we will try to clarify all your doughs and clarifications. we have deeply studied about the company policies and written the above information sometimes any may change their policies. don’t worry if a company changes any policies we will update the new policies.

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